Where do Burmese come from?

Most breeders agree that the Burmese seen in Western countries today were derived from one female, Wong Mau, imported from Burma in the 1930's. It was mated to a Siamese, then the progeny mated back. The Burmese has been recognised as a breed since the 1950's - 60's.


What do Burmese look like?

- Body The Burmese cat is a medium sized cat with a body that is hard and muscular and with a rounded chest and straight back. 

- Coat The coat is fine, sleek and glossy and lies close to the body. 

- Legs The legs are long and slender. The paws are neat and oval shaped. 

- Tail The tail is medium in length and tapering slightly to a rounded tip.

- Head The head should be slightly rounded on top, wide cheekbones that taper to a short blunt wedge. The chin should be firm. The ears should be rounded at the tip and open at the base with a slight forward tilt in the profile. The nose is medium in length with a distinct break in profile. The eyes are oriental in shape along the top line and rounded underneath and any shade of yellow, set well apart.  

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