About Us

We are primarily a small home-run Burmese and Siamese cattery near Blacktown NSW that started off breeding Burmese in South Africa in 2000 with only 1 litter of kittens before we moved to Australia in 2001. Since then we had been interested in starting to breed Burmese cats again and brought this into reality.

We fell in love with Burmese as they are extremely people-orientated. They love to follow you around and enjoy helping you with everything you do. They are great with children and will play with them and will even learn to tolerate the family dog. They are a testament to being perpetually young as older cats continue to be as playful as when they were kittens.

We breed chocolate, brown, blue and lilac Burmese and Pure Siamese Cats. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our cats.

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